Cipralex (Escitalopram) Side Effects

The most commonly reported Escitalopram side effect is anxiety. It is well known what side effects this medication has; thus, many people are concerned with this possibility. It has been said that once this drug gets into your system, it can quickly suppress your instincts, thus making you more anxious and irritable. People also say that when taken at the wrong dosage, it can lead to hallucinations and delusions.

So how do we know if it is okay to take Escitalopram? Certain conditions should always be consulted to ensure that your medicines are not causing you any adverse effects. One of these conditions is that the patient should have a stable physical condition; he should not be in a coma or should not be hospitalized. If your mental illness is unstable and deteriorating, your doctor should be informed immediately to take corrective measures.

Common Escitalopram Side Effect Mayo Clinic

  • Constipation
  • inability to have or keep an erection
  • decreased interest in sexual intercourse
  • dry mouth
  • gas in the stomach
  • sleepiness or unusual drowsiness
  • ejaculation delay
  • diarrhea
  • heartburn
  • trouble sleeping
  • loss in sexual ability, desire, drive, or performance

Some Other General Side Effects

Some patients also experience numbness and tingling sensations. This can be reduced by increasing the dosage. It might cause dry mouth and difficulty in swallowing. It has also been reported that the patient can experience problems with memory loss. In some cases, patients have reported that Escitalopram may also cause their depression to worsen.

Another Escitalopram side effect that is also not very common is depression and mania. Patients suffering from this condition could find it hard to deal with day-to-day situations. Because of this, they would turn to their escapist for help. Usually, this type of dosage is only advised for mania patients who need immediate relief.

When considering the dosage of Escitalopram, people need to remember that this drug has become popular because it has some solid positive results. On the other hand, it is also known to produce some adverse effects in some rare people. Therefore, a person’s dosage of Escitalopram should always be consulted by a registered physician.

This drug can also produce some adverse effects for people who do not respond positively to the positive impact. Some patients have reported that they began to lose their appetite and suffer from nausea. They also said that they started to develop physical pains and suffered from sleepiness during the day. There have also been reported cases where patients developed nervous breakdowns and hallucinations.

Generally, people taking this medication must avoid driving, operating machinery, using stimulants such as coffee and computers. It is recommended that pregnant women and people suffering from seizures do not take this medication. A physician will generally advise you on the correct dosage that is right for your body. You will also be told to avoid other antidepressants while you are on Escitalopram.

One of the most important things that people who take Escitalopram must keep in mind is never run ahead when tired. This drug can give them positive results, but they should also understand that it can lead them to destruction if they abuse it. Sometimes, this drug can cause people to have mood swings and give them some sleep problems. Also, they must remember that it is highly recommended that they should not take Escitalopram if they have a family history of suicidal thoughts or attempts. If you have a history of depression, you should also inform your doctor.

Another widespread Escitalopram side effect is fatigue. It is one of the most common reasons why people experience mild to severe exhaustion. It is also one reason why most doctors will not prescribe this drug to their patients. They will only prescribe alternative medicines that are more effective.

In addition, people who take this drug may have several joint and muscle pains. Some of the signs of this side effect include swelling, itching, tightness, and tenderness of the joints. Swelling and love of the joints can also lead to the onset of arthritis. The level of comfort and vigor that you feel can also decrease due to this side effect. For example, your sexual drive can drop if you continuously take this drug. If you are taking this drug daily, it can also decrease the production of sex hormones such as testosterone.

One of the other significant Escitalopram side effects that many people experience is constipation. Some of the symptoms associated with this problem include frequent bowel movements, abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea. Many of the drugs that are used to treat this condition can also cause gas and bloating. You should talk to your doctor about this problem and any other concerns regarding this side effect.