How to Shrink Prostate Mayo Clinic Naturally

If you’re concerned about your prostate size, you may be wondering how to shrink prostate mayo clinic naturally. There are a few treatments that can shrink the size of the prostate without medications. In this article, you’ll find out how to minimize your intake of fat to shrink your prostate naturally. You’ll also learn about Pygeum and Rezum(TM) water vapor therapy. Using these products can reduce your prostate size without the side effects that medications have.

Reduce the Amount of Fat

The most obvious way to reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer is to avoid eating foods that contain too much sugar. This is common with many processed foods, especially those that are high in sugar. Processed foods like white bread and ready-meals are also high in sugar. Try to cut down on these foods by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, limit the number of dairy products you eat. Drink plenty of water, which has cancer-fighting properties.

Fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of cancer-fighting substances. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of these nutrients, and many people don’t get the recommended amount of these each day. Adding more vegetables and fruits to your diet is an easy way to start shrinking your prostate. Tomatoes, dairy products, and flaxseed oil have all been associated with prostate cancer, and these foods can promote the growth of prostate cancer cells.


A dietary approach to shrinking the prostate may help prevent BPH. BPH, also known as benign prostatic hypertrophy, is a relatively common health condition that affects around 14 million men in the United States. While it is not cancer, it is a common enough health problem to warrant a visit to the doctor. While it is not a cause for concern, it is possible that the use of Pygeum to shrink the prostate may help reduce the symptoms associated with BPH.

Convective Water Therapy

Some doctors are beginning to see the promise of using convective water therapy to shrink the prostate. A recent study published in the Annals of Urology suggests that the procedure can reduce the prostate size by 85%. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic compared this treatment to transurethral resection (TURP) and convective water therapy. Researchers found that both treatments were safe and effective in reducing prostate size.

Although there are no specific size criteria for this treatment, it is believed to reduce the risk of sexual side effects. A number of people with enlarged prostates are likely to experience sexual side effects. This treatment can be performed right in a doctor’s office and can be done without any hospital stay. The Mayo Clinic is now recommending that people of all ages consider convective water therapy as an alternative to surgery.

Rezum(TM) Water Vapor Therapy

The Mayo Clinic is recommending Rezum(TM) water vapor treatment to treat lower urinary tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. This treatment uses steam to shrink the prostate, which is associated with minimal side effects and can be done without any anesthetics. Patients can undergo the treatment in their doctor’s office and experience a reduction in the size of their prostate.

The treatment involves steaming a patient’s prostate, which is similar to transurethral resection. This procedure requires a small needle to be inserted into the urethra and positioned within the prostate gland. A small amount of steam is produced inside the prostate, which causes a two-centimeter-wide ball of steam. The steam ball destroys the tissue and extra tissue within the prostate gland.

BipoLEP Procedure

The BipoLEP procedure to shrink the prostate is a relatively safe and effective method of treating enlarged prostates. The procedure does not require any abdominal incisions, and the risk of infection is low. Recovery can be completed at home, and patients usually do not need a catheter for seven days following the procedure. The procedure can be performed on any size prostate, including large and small ones. It leaves the capsule intact and restores urinary flow.

Patients must drink plenty of fluids during the first two weeks following the procedure and should avoid heavy activity for at least three months. While most men recover well from this surgery, they can still see pieces of tissue, particularly if they are engaged in heavy physical activity. Fortunately, the side effects of BipoLEP are comparable to those associated with other treatments. The procedure does not affect erections or the ability to have an orgasm. Patients can return to work and daily activities within three months.