Marc Marquez to Undergo Fourth Surgery in Mayo Clinic

Marc Marquez Mayo Clinic – Following the completion at the end of the Italian Grand Prix, Marc Marquez will undergo a fourth operation to heal the injury to his right hand. He will be leaving Italy right after the race and head towards the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, to undergo the May 31st surgery.

It is believed that the Repsol Honda Team rider has experienced significant issues over the last few months, which has hindered him from competing at the top of his game. In the end, the team decided to undergo surgery 18 months after his last surgery.

In a statement, Marc Marquez said:

“Unfortunately, I have to take a break from the 2022 season that will keep me away from competition for a while. After all these months of intense work with my new medical team in Madrid, my physical condition has improved and I have reduced the discomfort in my right arm to be able to compete at the Grands Prix, but I still have significant limitations in my humerus that does not allow me to ride the bike properly and achieve the goals I have always set for myself.”

Despite the three victories he won in races in 2021, It’s evident that Marquez is still wholly recovered from his accident which forced him to miss this season in 2020. He’s frequently talked about how the mobility of his shoulder and right arm isn’t fully recovered and that it is difficult for him to ride to the highest of his abilities. It is hoped that Marquez, who has won eight times in the world championships, will fully recover following this process. However, it’s not clear to anyone, not just Marquez, when he’ll be able to compete again.