Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Florida

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Florida, is an extensive medical center specializing in treating disorders and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is part of the Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit organization that serves patients throughout the nation. It is dedicated to providing comprehensive patient care with innovative medical approaches. It is one of the three Mayo schools and one of twelve regional centers of the specialty.

The medical center comprises two main wings, including the Division of Preventive Medicine, headed by Chief Resident Dr. Ramanathan S. Pillay. Associate Professor Ronald R. Ebers leads the Clinical Research Center. It comprises fully accredited departments for surgery, clinical diagnostics, diagnostic radiology, gastroenterology, palliative care, genetics, biochemistry, pharmacology, cardiology, and nutrition. The hospital also partners with the University of Florida Comprehensive Healthcare AIDS Center, which offers behavioral health services, HIV/AIDS counseling, and other medical treatments. Other on-site clinics include:

  • A pediatric intensive care unit.
  • An epilepsy unit.
  • A gastroenterology department.
  • An imaging center.
  • An otolaryngological center.
  • A pharmacy.
  • An emergency room.

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Florida

Address: 4500 San Pablo Road, Jacksonville, FL 32224
Phone: (904) 953-2000

The outpatient clinic is enormous, offering rooms for outpatients and in-patient treatment. It has a total area of two hundred and eighty-one rooms, including one hundred and seventy-two beds. In addition, it has separate wings for gastrointestinal, orthopedic, and vascular medicine. Outpatient treatment includes both hospital and non-hospital services.

The Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Florida, the cancer center has a fellowship program for oncology, neurology, and radiation oncology for those who need more personalized care. The fellowship program incorporates patient education, clinical research, diagnostic imaging, and treatments similar to those at the Mayo Clinic in New York. It has an adult residency program and a pediatric residency program.

Located in Jacksonville’s arts district, the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville has its outpatient facility, which serves Medicare patients. It also has a walk-in psychiatric unit and an oncology clinical practice. In addition, the center has a six-story wellness tower, a twenty-four-room imaging tower, and a laboratory. The clinic is rated high performing by the American Board of Medical Specialties. It treats about one million Medicare patients yearly.

Located in the affluent St. Louis Park area, in the heart of Jacksonville’s downtown area, is the Mayo Clinic. The hospital, which serves nine communities in Florida, is home to one of the nation’s largest breast cancer treatment centers. Its campus is convenient for all of the area’s medical professionals. As a result, it has one of the highest quality patient care in the state.

A short-term rental in Jacksonville will allow you to experience the beauty of one of America’s most respected hospitals. In addition to serving Medicare and Medicaid patients, the center offers outpatient services to all other medical professionals. In addition, a short-term policy will give you peace of mind knowing you have a professional health care provider just a few steps away.

While we all know there is much to see and do in Jacksonville, there are some things you won’t see anywhere else. The Mayo Clinic Jacksonville is located amid the Everglades.